Sex and the Transylvanian City

I'm so excited to share this with you! It's a spoof called Sex and the Transylvanian city, based on Manhattan's most iconic gal pals. 👠🍸I wrote, directed, produced (along with Kelly Pantaleoni), acted in, and edited it - all the firsts. I was thrilled when Elizabeth Banks' women-in-comedy network WhoHaha told me they were featuring it on their Halloween playlist! 🎃 Woop woop.

I grew up on Sex and the City and I frickin' love that show to this day. It was super fun to pay tribute to it. The idea for this spoof was born out of a cue card that a fellow actor/writer (Murray Allan Thorne) handed me. I decided to run with it and play!

Tackling my first project has been an EPIC learning experience and hopefully the start of many more to come. It's been a blast! 😍🎬

Thank you so much to the rest of the fabulous cast - Julia Datt and Stephanie Hamer - and crew - Mackenzie McElligott, Natalie Turnbull, Natalie Dzbik, and Tina McFarlane! ❤️ #womeninfilm

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